Welcome to Zahidi Enterprise

A dedicated force in promoting good health within our society through a commitment to high-quality products. Our extensive line of offerings includes Vaccines, Generics, Antivenins and Serums, Pharma Formulations, and Speciality Products.

With over 12 years of invaluable experience in pharmaceutical distribution, Zahidi has emerged as a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of generic products. Our close relationships with manufacturers and an unwavering focus on quality standards set us apart. Our products, including vaccines and generics, have earned approval from renowned doctors, medical experts, and pharmacists.

At Zahidi Enterprise, we take pride in our competent team of professionals who ensure the delivery of an effective range of drugs to the market. Our dedicated procurement agents conduct extensive market studies, allowing us to collaborate with the best vendors in the pharmaceutical domain. This close coordination between vendors and clients ensures that our products meet the specific demands of our customers.

Established in 2008, Zahidi Enterprise has become a legendary name in the pharmaceutical industry. As a manufacturer, exporter, and trader, we offer a diverse array of pharmaceutical products, from Eye Drops and Anti-Allergy Medicines to Men’s Health solutions. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our use of high-grade materials and cutting-edge scientific technology in the formulation of our medicines.

Our skilled and experienced professionals manufacture medicines under stringent hygiene standards, earning recognition for their purity, accurate composition, and effectiveness. We align our product offerings with the unique specifications provided by our customers, ensuring their satisfaction.

Our organizational structure is meticulously divided into different departments, including production, sales and marketing, quality testing, and more. The synergy among our dedicated team members contributes significantly to the growth and success of our industry. With teamwork at our core, we consistently meet and exceed the demands and requirements of our customers, offering world-class products at fair prices while maintaining unwavering quality.

Zahidi Enterprise exports its products globally, and under the guidance of Mr. MOHAMMED ZAHID PATEL, a highly qualified and experienced leader in the field, we have achieved significant milestones. His visionary direction has propelled us to a prominent position in the industry, enabling us to reach every target goal within the stipulated time frame. Join us on our journey to promote health and well-being through quality pharmaceutical solutions.


  • To improve the quality of life by making available products of highest quality at affordable prices
  • To ensure that quality becomes a habit, a commitment that finds expression at every stage from production, testing, marketing to employee relations
  • To be a research based globally known company present in all continents of the world


  • To continue to be quality driven, research based, focused pharmaceutical company
  • To build on the trust generated by the medical fraternity
  • To share management goals with employees and celebrate corporate successes with them

From the Directors Desk

Almost 2 decades ago, I sketched an abstract design of my dream, an organization as Zahidi Enterprise. With the blueprint, the journey began; a journey of dreams, desire, struggle, togetherness and faith. Gradually “my” design turned into “our” design, that is Zahidi Enterprise.. Turning a vision into realty is always a difficult task but it was an evolution and evolutions happen only through immense efforts, support & eternal trust. Today, when I turn the pages behind of journey, I feel blessed and strengthened. Today, Zahidi Enterprise is known Healthcare Organization, having more segments, flourishing in India & International. We began with a formal business relationship & today, it’s a relationship which has unknowingly bond us so close, to whom we name it as “friends”.


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